SCAM ALERT – please share the following…..August 2018

One of the Association’s members has sent us the following very concerning report
of a scam which is currently doing the rounds.

Hopefully by sharing what happened to her Father last week will alert care providers (staff and client family members/representatives etc) and help prevent other vulnerable and elderly who may be targeted in a similar way from falling victim to what can only be described as despicable fraudulent act.

Needless to say the matter is now being followed up formally with the authorities…


My Father (75) had two missed calls from a Sheffield number on his mobile phone yesterday, which he didn’t recognise. He decided to call them back, the first thing they asked was his name and then they proceeded to tell him that they were from HMRC. They said he had been contacted on several occasions (even though he hadn’t) regarding £4000 underpayment of tax for the last five years. They went on to say that legal proceedings were in place against him for fraudulently avoiding payment of tax and there would be a further fine of £18,000. He was also told that the police had been notified and would be with him in two hours.

My Father, a company director and businessman before his retirement, was completely taken in by the scammers and I am sure if it wasn’t for my Mother questioning in the back ground, he would have parted with some money. Eventually my Mother took the phone and as soon as she did the caller hung up. My Father was extremely upset by this however he would like everyone to be aware so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. He said to me that it was extremely realistic, and he was being read legal notices on the phone which made it sound very authentic. Please can you pass this on to your clients, family and friends so that these scammers can’t do this to anyone else.