SAICP Membership 2018/19 and Data Protection compliance.

SAICP Limited Membership Application Form 2018 to 2019[2305843009219050104]



Message from  Hilary Gibbs, Chair of SAICP Limited

I am emailing to advise that membership of SAICP is due for renewal on 1st April 2018. Subscription rates for 2018/19 will be £70 per outlet/care provision.   

We are taking this opportunity to update our mailing list to ensure data protection compliance in relation to the updated regulations due to come into force in May 2018.  Accordingly this year, we are asking members to complete and return the attached membership form as confirmation that you wish us to continue to email information to you.   

It will also give you an opportunity to advise us of any new email addresses for people you wish to be included on our database and to delete any which are no longer required. 

From our database the Association will continue to send out details of training, and sector information/bulletins and updates as received from various stakeholder parties who are involved with provision of care services in Suffolk including Suffolk County Council and colleagues within health and the CCGs.  We still meet regularly with ACS quarterly and are happy to take forward matters on behalf of the membership.

Provider details will be retained on our database for the duration of each membership year.  At the end of which we will contact you again (when subscriptions are due for renewal) to request your permission to continue to send you regular information and bulletins pertinent to the sector throughout the following year. 

You do have the right to opt out at any time by unsubscribing from our mailing list.  However, there is a section on the attached membership application which requests authorisation for all the advised email contacts within your organisation to be included on our database.  One form of authorisation per organisation will suffice.

Details are retained securely and in confidence on our IT system and are never shared with any other third party.

Regrettably we will only be able to continue to send information to providers once we have received confirmation to ‘opt into’ our mailing list.  Information will be posted on the Association web site but we will be restricting access to members only going forwards.

The Association was set up by providers to help and support  private, independent or voluntary providers of care in Suffolk. We are a not for profit organisation and do rely on our membership fees to cover the administration costs involved in running the Association.   The Board and Steering Group voluntarily give their time in managing the Association and I do hope you feel that the membership fee represents good value and will renew your subscription or if you have not been a member previously, will decide to join us for the coming year. 


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact



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