You may be aware, changes are being introduced from Monday 03 April 2017 regarding the arrangements when someone in a care home dies with a DOLS authorisation in place.


From Monday 03 April 2017 coroners no longer have a duty to undertake an inquest into the death of every person who is subject to an authorisation under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards – DOLS. 


For any person subject to a DOLS authorisation who dies on 03 April 2017 or any time after, their death need not be reported to the coroner unless the cause of death is unknown or where there are concerns that the cause of death was unnatural or violent, including where there is any concern about the care given having contributed to the person’s death.


Any person with any concerns about how or why someone has come to their death can contact the coroner directly. This will not change where a person is subject to a DOLS authorisation.


What has changed is that the coroner will no longer be duty bound to investigate every death where the deceased had a DOLS in place.  


For more information on coroner services, please see the Coroner Services Guides


Click on the following links for further guidance:


·         Guidance No 16a from the Chief Coroner dated 27 March 2017 – which provides further details.


·         The Suffolk DOLS Leaflet – which confirms this development along with other aspects about the DOLS

 2017-03-22 DOLS Leaflet V3


In addition I have arranged for the guidance that was provided regarding the previous arrangements about when a person dies in a care home, to be removed from the Suffolk MCA website and to be replaced with these details to reflect this much welcomed change


NB: When a person in a care home dies with a DOLS authorisation in place it is essential that the care home continues to notify the DOLS Team that the person has died and of the date that the person has died so that our records are kept up to date. Notification of changes can be by email at the following address:


I trust that you find this helpful.






Dominic Nasmyth-Miller

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