My name is Sophie Mayes and I am the co-ordinator of a scheme called Brainy Dogs which operates from Headway Suffolk.

One aspect of our scheme involves the use of dogs to aid the rehabilitation of our clients and due to increased demand we are now looking to expand this service to reach more clients in care settings.


Over the years it has been noticed how animals have a positive effect on people and consequently animals are being used more and more in a therapeutic manner. Whilst many people think of assistance dogs such as guide dogs they fail to realise that dogs have the potential to help in a much wider field.


At Brainy Dogs we have noticed the difference our centre dog ‘Hope’ has had on many of our clients with different rehabilitation needs. We use a range of tools and activities to assist with reaching different goals. Activities such as grooming, walking, retrieving and tricks can be tailored to the individual. For example the client can be asked to send Hope out to retrieve a specific object: such as a colour, size, texture etc. We can also work on other subjects such as spelling, maths by throwing a toy on the correct answer or retrieving a letter or word. Really the list is endless and activities would be designed for individuals.


Activities with the dogs can be on an individual or group basis.


Along with this letter, I have included a poster, a price list and some application form (click  on the link below to download).

1. Poster

2. Therapy price list

3. Home Application Form

If you feel this service may benefit any of your clientele please can you make them aware of this service or contact us for more information.  Thank you for your time.


Yours sincerely

Sophie Mayes

(Brainy Dog Co-Ordinator)